Healthy Hen™️ Egg-Stra Eggs Water - 16 oz. Additive

Healthy Hen™️ Egg-Stra Eggs Water - 16 oz. Additive

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This product is currently discounted 50% as it is near or beyond the sell by date. This contains essential oils and is still perfectly safe for your flock.

Healthy Hen™ Egg-Stra Eggs Water Additive 16 oz. If you want to boost egg production, simply add 3 caps full per gallon of fresh water. Calendula oil is extracted from marigolds and has been noted for anti-inflammatory properties, increasing blood flow and stimulating egg laying. The fennel and marjoram have both been noted as a laying stimulant. The thyme oil has been noted for immune boosting properties.

Product Specifications

  • Ingredients:  Water ( Aqua), Aloe Vera, Calendula Oil, Fennel Oil, Marjoram Oil, Spanish Thyme Oil, Natural Preservative
  • 16 oz. Bottle
  • Made in the USA