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Coops & Feathers   is a USA pet products company with a professional team that includes over six decades of experience in the pet industry. We offer quality, innovative products that meet the needs and solves problems for pets and their caring guardians.



We set out to create amazing pet products. With our brilliant team, we were able to
build a massively successful foundation.


We pivoted to focus our expertise on animal husbandry and knowledge of amazing flock & herd care. This was the beginning of the Coops & Feathers   transition. This move has allowed us to refine our products even more and hone in on becoming industry leaders for the care of your flocks and herds.

Coops & Feathers   is brought to you by animal lovers. We strive to bring the highest quality ingredients and materials right to your door, so you can keep doing what you love: caring for your flocks and herds!

All of our coops are built to last and are versatile & durable pieces to your backyard farming operation!



We are committed to bringing the most innovative products to the pet industry today.
Thank you for your interest in our products; we appreciate your patronage.

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