Healthy Hen™️ Zen Hen - 12 oz. Spray

Healthy Hen™️ Zen Hen - 12 oz. Spray

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Healthy Hen™ Zen Hen 12 oz. Soothing Quiet Time Spray. Use this spray as a way to reduce stress and quiet hens naturally with botanical oils of lavender and chamomile.  Use as needed by spraying around the coop. It is also safe to spray directly on the plumage from 8”-12” on stressed or broody Hens. Other benefits of the Zen Hen include helping to build a healthy plumage and healing small cuts or sores. 

Product Specifications

  • Active ingredients: Lavender, Kava, Organic Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil
  • Safe for chicks
  • 12 oz. Spray Bottle 
  • Made in the USA