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Bulk Premium Nesting Pads, 40 Pack

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UPC: 850032918893

If you have nesting boxes, you need nesting pads….and for the record…your hens will thank you! Coops & Feathers Bulk Premium Nesting Pads are sustainably sourced with Great Lakes Aspen fibers. These are sourced from the great USA and are compostable and biodegradable. Nesting box liners encourage hens to lay in one place and the paper backing helps to keep the fibers in place as hens “scratch and fluff” around to lay their eggs. The backing also draws moisture away from eggs and the thick nature of the pads help prevent eggs from cracking, since some hens go “Woops…there it is!” Premium nesting pads also help to provide a layer of insulation, which come winter we all know is a good thing for your birds! The pads measure 13 in x13 in and can be cut to fit IF needed. 40 pads to a box which are easily changed out when you need!

  • Extra-thick Pad to Protect Eggs from Cracking
  • Sustainably Sourced Great Lakes Aspen fibers
  • Keeps Eggs and Nesting Box Dry and Clean
  • 100% Compostable and Biodegradable
  • Paper Backing to Keep Fibers in Place and Draws Moisture from Eggs
  • Encourages Hens to Lay in One Area
  • Fits Standard Size Nesting Boxes
  • Hen Adjustable!
  • Save the eggs!
  • Neat & Tidy!
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