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Double Roosting Perch

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UPC: 858333223449

Chickens love to perch! Whether it is catching a siesta or to get a better view of what is happening on their home turf, it is part of their schedule. The Coops & Feathers Double Roosting Perch is the perfect addition for your backyard flock to satisfy their needs. USA Southern Pine supports the sturdy construction and offers 6 different roosting perches and 2 platforms. Lightweight, portable and easy to move around from inside the coop to outside your window for the optimal bird’s eye view. The entire unit assembles easily in about 30 minutes. The Double Roosting Perch measures 36.6”L x 72”W x 47.2”H, and if you have a smaller flock or just want more of a “studio” space for your Ladies check out our Roosting Perch Medium for a smaller option.

  • 6-17.5” roosting perches, plus 2 top platforms-each bird requires 8-10” of roosting space
  • Stable base ensures you, or your birds, don’t have to worry about tipping
  • Excellent addition to your chicken coops accessories for free-range birds or inside coops
  • Solid design made with USA Southern Pine
  • Double Roosting Perch measures 36.6”L x 72”W x 47.2”H
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