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ECO Nesting Pads, 4-7pks (28 total pads)

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Product Details
UPC: 858333296061

SKU 296-05 | 858333296054

Use these nesting pads pack of disposable nesting pads to line your nesting bays for hassle-free cleaning. An easier way to clean your nesting bays. J
ust remove, discard and replace. These smaller pads are perfect for 9" x 12" nesting bays. They can be cut to fit if needed. These economical pads are great when you bring home chicks are need stable footing.

  • Draws moisture from droppings
  • Provides cleaner, fresher and better quality eggs
  • Made in the USA

Product Specifications
12" x 9" x .25"

28 pack of pads (these will come as four (4) packs of seven (7) pads)

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