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Healthy Hen™️ Mineral Grit

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UPC: 850032918121

SKU 650-15 | 850032918121

Healthy Hen™ Mineral Grit Poultry Treat with trace elements that enhance eggshell quality. Whether your flocks roam free or are sheltered in a chicken coop, they need enough calcium supplement to help build stronger eggshells and to help keep them from getting egg-bound. Our Mineral Grit is a combination of 17 trace elements from carbonated algae lime, carbonated shell lime, calcium carbonate, quartz, Redstone, vegetable/bone coal ― all in one pack of tasty goodness. Strong shells matter: Minerals are crucial in supporting growth, immunity, egg production and having a strong outer shell. Protein makes the meshwork of the eggshell and cells then deposit calcium onto this meshwork. That’s why we formulated Healthy Hen Mineral Grit to provide eggs-actly what your Ladies need! Plus, they love it! It’s important for chickens to easily chow down their food. That’s why Mineral Grit has sizable crumbs enough for your flock to peck. It also comes with a luscious vanilla scent your little feather friends will surely love.

Easy to use so you can “Calcify your flock”: Make Healthy Hen Mineral Grit part of your regular routine. Feed unlimited amounts per bird 3-5 times a week. We suggest feeding in a separate dish, as birds will instinctively take what they need when they need it. Add this wonderful treat to your chicken coop accessories and other necessities, get your flock Healthy Hen Mineral Grit chicken treat and make them egg-stra happy!

  • Helps build stronger shells with 17 trace elements
  • Made in Germany by a Family business who are poultry experts
  • Supports growth, immunity egg production, bone strength and strong outer shells
  • Easy to eat crumbs with a vanilla scent-YUMMO!
  • Calcium quantity matters! Lack of calcium in your bird’s diet can cause them to get eggbound
  • Contains carbonated algae lime, carbonated shell lime, calcium carbonate, quartz, Redstone, vegetable/bone coal

Product Specifications

  • Ingredients: Carbonated Algae Lime, Carbonated Shell Lime, Calcium Carbonate, Quartz, Redstone, Vegetable Coal
  • 52.9 oz. bag
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