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Large Walk-In Barn Coop

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Product Details
UPC: 858333220011

SKU 220-01L | 858333220011

A perfect home for your flock. This Large, walk-In two-story chicken barn features:

  • Large layout with plenty of room for the flock to exercise while inside the barn

Free-range door

  • Free-range door allows your chickens to roam Second floor nesting and
  • Second floor nesting and roosting boxes

Window in the roosting box

  • Window in the roosting box
  • High peaked roof gives your chickens plenty of room
  • 3 full length roosting bars
  • Outside access, pull out cleaning trays for easy cleaning
  • Second level nesting and roosting areas will keep the flock safe and warm on those cold nights.

Product Specifications

Chicken capacity: 18
97” x 89” x 74”

All Coops & Feathers chicken coops are made of high-quality materials and built to last.

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