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Wood Food & Water Shelter - Large

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UPC: 858333223029

The Coops & Feathers Food & Water Shelter allows your feathery flock to not only have access to food and water in a covered area, but also to help keep food and water cleaner with less waste! This ingenious design includes 2 hooks to allow you to hang food and/or water sources to prevent birds from perching on the top and defecating all over them, as well as keep them from knocking them over. For duck owners this is especially nice to deter those quackers from playing in their water. Typically, poultry are not fans of feeding in the hot sun or heavy rains and the spacious 29.5” deep by 31.5” wide provides ample coverage and protection while encouraging consumption. With the unit being 29” tall, it will accommodate almost any of the traditional feed and water sources. The sturdy wood frame for the Food & Water Shelter is constructed from USA Southern Pine and has a long-lasting PVC roof. Average assembly time is less than 30 minutes and can be placed outside for your free-range birds or inside larger coops. Ensure your birds are eating and drinking in style and make your life easier with the Food & Water Shelter!

  • Excellent addition to your chicken coops accessories for free-range birds or inside larger coops
  • USA Southern Pine wood and PVC roof construction
  • Easy assembled with a Phillips screwdriver or your own drill/driver
  • Includes 2 hooks for hanging food and/or water source which stops bird waste where you don’t want it
  • Elevated dishes conserve food and water and prevents waste
  • Keeps food and/or water out of direct sunlight and rain
  • Spacious coverage-29.5”L x 31.5”W x 29”H
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